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Dragy Table

If you can’t get to a drag strip or you just want to practice, you can use a Dragy unit.
For around £140, this little box links to your phone and has been tested to show it is VERY accurate. Giving you all sorts of statistics.
60ft, 330ft, 1000ft, 1/4, 1/2, 0-60, 60-130, 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile, Full mile… etc
If you get an official 1/4 mile time from it, you can submit to to the T17 club and appear on the Dragy table!
For info on how to qualify, please see Rules Page or visit the T17 Facebook Page.

Updated 15/01/2022

Rank Name Van Fuel Engine OEM/Swap Details Date Time MPH
#1 Vollenweider Fabien T6 LWB Petrol/E85 2.0TSI OEM Stage 3+ custom tune – 415 HP / 585Nm 14/01/2022 13.94 102.582
#2 James Hardacre T4 SWB Diesel 2.5TDI OEM 280hp – 570nm/420ft lb 14/01/2022 18.97 86.02

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