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Spitfire Drag Day

Spitfire Drag Day at Perranporth airfield, Cornwall, TR5 0XS. Saturday 7th May 2016

PowerFest 3

PowerFest 3 at York Raceway. Friday 27th May to Monday 30th May 2016

Previous Events and Meets……….

T17 Drag Racing Meet

Saturday 22nd – Sunday 24th April 2016

T17’s First Drag Day of the season at Big-Bang was a HUGE success!
Dust is still settling from the weekend and I am still in awe of what I witnessed.
From starting a little FaceBook page for me and a couple of my friends late last year to a huge turn out of vans actually running yesterday!
(OK, less of the soppy stuff)

We have had SEVEN additions/alterations to the T17 table after nearly TEN vans ran!!!!

Finally witnessed Andi’s RS4 engined RST5 MONSTER run.
Expecting low numbers but for a virgin Dragger to hit 14.319 on his second run is insane.
So much room for him to tidy up his launches & gear changes to hit a 13.
(Hear Andi is talking about aiming for a 12!!)

As well as Andi, we have two other new official T17 members from the weekend.
Congratulations to Adrian moving from Prospect(18.7893) at Big Bang LAST year to Full member(16.4958) this year.
Also Andrew smashed it for his first time down the strip(16.5438) well done my good man.

Kudos has to go to last years top of the table Mark for upping his game from 15.4353 to 15.2245.
The same goes for Ricky for making up a BIG chunk of time, from 18.676 to 17.3940.
Next time, leaving the kiddie seats at home MUST see him into the T17 club!!
Warm welcome to Christopher Wheeler, a newbie who is on track for becoming a full member very soon if his first 17.4529 run is anything to go by.

A big shout has to also go out to Keith for running his totally stock T5 180 business edition.
Hitting a 18.7893 may seem a long way off the pace but we are always looking for as many people to run stock vans as possible.
It gives us the opportunity to see the difference between stock and custom. Thank you Keith.

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Lots of info has been released now, have a look here (Click image for larger)

For more details, join the #T17 Facebook page and look at the #T17 Event Info

T17 Rolling Road Meet

Took place on Saturday 2nd April 2016

Dirty Torque are hosting the clubs first rolling road day!
In conjunction with MV Engineering, United Diesel and VWBusT4&5+ magazine,

Members and Prospectors shook down their vans on the rollers at Dirty Torque.
Perfectly timed, two weeks before the first Official T17Club meet at Big Bang. Letting us see how engines performed.
Experienced Diesel (and petrol) Tuners & Engineers were on-site, offering help and advice for van setups.

A few snaps of the day. Great to see a mix of T4s and T5s… would love to see some T3s and maybe some T6s next time!

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Here are a few videos from the day, extractor fans interfered a little with the sound.









Spot of cheeky golf action