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Current #T17 Members

#T17 MembersUpdated 13/11/2019

Rank Name Van Fuel Engine OEM/Swap Details Date Location Time MPH
#1 Andi Riley T5 Petrol Audi RS4 Swap SWB Blue – Quattro running gear
kombi van with seats front and rear
27/05/2017 York Raceway 12.23 N/A
#2 Steve Mattravers T3 Petrol 1.8T 20v Swap Blue – VW 1.8T with a Garrett GT28 Turbo. Running from an Emerald K6 ECU with 3 mapps, 220bhp, 280bhp or 350bhp. Transmission is a Passat DHW 5 speed flipped and Carbon fibre clutch. 2 stage charge cooler for the turbo. 27/05/2017 York Raceway 14.7920 N/A
#3 Paul Walklate T5 Diesel TBC OEM(TBC) Paul is running in the VWRDC, running NOS and racing slicks on the strip.
“300hp/460ftlbs, GTB 2260vk,Race Cam,DarkSideRace PD injectors 100%,4bar map sensor,custom exhaust,race clutch, 10kg CNC machined fly wheel,6 speed gearbox,updated drive shafts,air ride for adjustable rake and weight to the front wheels” – Paul
22/07/2018 Santapod 14.82 87.85mph
#4 Shawn Lewis T5 Diesel 1.9 PD OEM Red SWB – 300bhp on a cold day. 2260, cam, injectors, 6 speed, 20″alloys R&R bed & TV! 23/07/2016 SantaPod 15.1903 N/A
#5 Mark Stephenson T4 Petrol 1.8t (AUQ) Swap SWB White – Seats only – k04 22/06/2015 SantaPod 15.2245 N/A
#6 Martin Turner T5 Diesel 2.5 (AXD/AXE) OEM SWB Silver – Racking – AXD 2.5, hybrid turbo etc, 300hp diesel and 330hp with water/meth. And 670nm! 24/04/2019 SantaPod 15.2758 96.91
#7 Gavin Black T6 Petrol 2.0 TSI OEM Black LWB Kombi with panel filter, Forge boost pipes and DV adapter, Red coil packs and milltek cat back and stage 1 tuned to 301bhp. 05/08/2018 Enniskillen, NI 15.49 N/A
#8 Ben Norman (Biggles0449) T4 Petrol AAN Quattro Swap Blue Doka – KKK24 turbo, Wossner internals,
running 237bhp @ 0.7bar
07/05/2016 Spitfire 15.51 N/A
#9 Adrian Coomber (mole831) T4 Petrol 1.8t (AGU) Swap SWB Purple Projekt Zwo 14/04/2019 SantaPod 15.8139 87.54
#10 James Hardacre (slimjim) T4 Diesel 2.5tdi (AXG) OEM SWB Yellow – Full width bed – GTB2260V(Bongo Fury) 14/04/2019 SantaPod 16.0090 89.80
#11 Andrew Munt T4 Diesel 888 2.5 OEM SWB Blue – SWB gt2260 23/04/2016 SantaPod 16.0621 N/A
#12 Michael Dunn T6 Petrol LWB 2.0TSi DSG OEM 2017 LWB 2.0TSi DSG pop-top camper, custom inlet, custom valved exhaust (315bhp silenced, 347bhp unsilenced) 484Nm, Pendle remap. 20” alloys (245/45R20 front, 265/40R20 rear). Skyline pop top, Variotech bed, insulated. 14/04/2019 SantaPod 16.0697 90.71
#13 Doug Chivers (d-9) T4 Petrol 1.8t (AUQ) Swap LWB Black- Part camper conversion
12/09/2015 SantaPod 16.6996 N/A

#T17 Prospectsupdated 13/11/2019

Rank Name Van Fuel Engine Details Date Location Time
#1 Karl Guthrie T4 Petrol 1.8t 20v (AUM) SWB Green – Windows and smart bed 24/04/2015 Santa Pod 17.0414
#2 Chris Loftus T5 Petrol 180 Biturbo 209bhp SWB White – Day van Full width RIB 23/04/2016 Santa Pod 17.0873
#3 Luke J A O’neill T4 Diesel AJT SWB White – 2.5(88) .240 injectors, hybrid tubby, ACV TMIC, sachs SRE clutch, 176hp, full width R&R 20/07/2018 Santa Pod 17.2685
#4 Rick Guy T5 Diesel 2.0 (CFCA) SWB RED 2014 – bi-tdi DSG 4motion – 180 – full 7 seat caravelle conversion 23/04/2016 Santa Pod 17.3940 (from 18.676)
#5 Christopher Wheeler T4 (TBC) (TBC) SWB Silver 23/04/206 Santa Pod 17.4529
#6 Ian Blackett T4 Diesel 2.5tdi (ACV) SWB Silver – bunk beds + wooden partitioning 19/07/2008 Santa Pod 18.3010
#7 Keith Wempe T5 Diesel Stock 180 SWB black – 180 Buisness Edition 22/04/2016 Santa Pod 18.7893
#8 Stephen Teuton (SteveJT) T4 Diesel 2.5 TDI LWB Red – EGR blank, PP05 injectors – Tool chests in rear 12/09/2015 Santa Pod 19.8180
#9 Luke Boggis T4 Diesel TBC TBC 20/07/2018 Santa Pod 20.0156
#10 Rich Murphy T4 Diesel 2.5 TDI (ACV) SWB Burgundy – S/S exhaust, blanked egr, roof bars, full camper interior (T4life), side bars, tow bar 07/08/2016 Bishopscourt 20.370
#11 Edward Toolan T4 Diesel 2.5tdi (ACV) SWB Blue – Heavy Pickup (Stock) (TBC) Bishopscourt, NI 21.005
#12 Anthony Graham T4 Diesel 2.5tdi (ACV) SWB Red – hybrid turbo, .280 injectors, axg intake, fmic, stage3 paddle clutch , 3 inch down pipe. Chasing power Gremlins. 12/09/2015 Santa Pod 20.10
#13 Ian Reynolds T4 Diesel 2.5tdi 88bhp SWB White – Heavy camper interior. Bed & Fridge etc 12/09/2015 Santa Pod 22.5089
#14 TBA (Gunslinger) T4 Diesel 2.5tdi (AJT?) SWB White – TBC 12/09/2015 Santa Pod 22 (TBC)
#15 Edward Toolan T3 Diesel 1.9d (TBC) SWB Burgundy – Multivan (Stock) (TBC) Bishopscourt, NI 24.472

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